Emediate Cookies

 Cookies are small text files of data sent from us to your web browser. Each time you visit a site that requests ads from Emediate, your browser sends us back this information.

You'll find our cookies in your browser, placed under site eas1.emediate.eu, eas2.emediate.eu, or similiar.

Our cookies

This is our opt out cookie. How ironically it may seem, we need to set this cookie to know that we should not use (other) cookies.
Used to prevent setting any other Emediate cookies
This is a number that identifies your browser. It does not identify the user, your location or your IP address
This is used to collect statistics of unique visitors etc. It is also used for some of the advertisement targeting. E.g. when an advertiser only want to show you an ad once.
eas_fr, eas_gr_fr, eas_cre_fr
Used to display an ad a specific number of times to each browser.
We store which ads has been shown and how many times, together with an expiration date.
eas_pc, eas_pc2, ... eas_pc15
Used for tracking Postclick ads
We store which ad has been displayed and if it was clicked, together with an expiration date.
Used for tracking Retargeting ads.
We store how many times an ad was displayed, together with an expiration date.
eas_geo, eas_pd_2
Used as cache for geographic data. We use 3rd party service providers to know your location. This information is cached in this cookie for 12 hours.
We're storing the country, region, city and zipcode. In some cases the internet connection speed may also be stored. We also store the client's IP-address in order to make sure that the cached data is still valid.

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