From Quova to Digital Element - What you need to do

This is a walk-through for how to tackle the upcoming changes in the Geo-targeting . As we approach 1st of May, we will update this page with more information. So stay tuned.

In end of April/beginning of May 2013, we will change Geo-targeting (aka. Region targeting) provider from Quova to Digital Element. We are convinced that Digital Element's advanced technology will improve the accuracy of Geo-targeting, especially in countries like Finland and Norway where Quova have had problems.

However, changing provider will pose some challenges to all of our customers already using Geo-targeting. Therefore if you are using Geo-targeting on any of your Campaigns, you must read this guide:

The transition period

From Thursday 12 April - Wednesday 18 April 2013, we will upgrade your system (you should have received an email with the exact time and date). This upgrade will mark the start of what we call the “transition period”. During this transition period, we will add a new 'targeting tree' to the Region targeting feature. New targeting tree is named “Geo targeting [new]“ and old tree “Regions [old]“.

Transition Period Setup

Transition period setup

Example of our current targeting tree

Example of our current targeting tree

Once this new targeting tree is up and running, you will need to do two things:

  1. Campaigns already booked with Region targeting will need to be edited to include data from both the 'old' targeting tree and the 'new' targeting tree. To do this, go to the Region targeting and add Geo targeting settings to the 'new' targeting tree - without changing any data on the 'old' targeting tree.
  2. All new Campaigns booked with Geo targeting during the transition period will need to be booked on both the 'old' and the 'new' targeting tree.

If you follow these two steps, your campaigns (and inventory) won't suffer from our shift in Geo targeting provider.

When the actual switch is made end of April/beginning of May, all Geo targeting campaigns which have not been edited to match new targeting tree will be reset to the status Waiting For Approval.

Be aware of the forecast

Because our forecast is based on previous traffic, the forecast may not be 100% accurate the first week after we shift to Digital Element. We therefore recommend that you use a frequency or/and a daily capping on your campaigns during the first week, to avoid a potential overdelivery.

Remember, that if you have any questions about the new Geo-targeting tools or precisely what you need to do during this transition period, just contact your local Support team.

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