How do I find my campaign ID, creative ID og content unit ID?


Each Campaign, Campaign group, Creative, Advertiser, Content unit and Section is given a unique ID in EmediateAd. By knowing the ID of this unit, you have the possibility to search for a campaign, creative, etc. by its ID.

The id of a campaign, campaign group, creative, content unit or content unit is the last digits in the url of the given webpage.

In this case the campaign ID is 59957.

Examples of ID's

  • Campaign id:
  • Campaign group id:
  • Creative id:
  • Advertiser id:
  • Content unit id:
  • Section id:

Search using the ID.

If you know the id of one of the above mentioned EmediateAd units, you can easily use the search box to search by ID.

Firstly choose which unit (campaign, creative, content unit, etc) you want to search for in the search box in the top left corner. To search for an id write id: followed by the ID.

This search will direct you straight to the campaign, section, creative, etc.

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