How do I set up a retargeting campaign?


The EmediateAd retargeting function allows you to deliver Campaigns based on what other campaigns a user have - or have not - seen.

When a site visitor is exposed to a trigger campaign (the retargeting “source”), EmediateAd will store the campaign ID in a cookie for the time period specified. It is possible to store up to 200 campaigns per user, and when the cookie is full, the ‘oldest’ campaign (the first exposed) will be removed.

Following ad requests from the same user will then use the information in this cookie, to find out whether a retargeted campaign should be displayed.

From release 3.18.10 it is possible to book retargeting even if the campaign has a paced priority level (Paying 1 – Highest CPM). It is only possible to book retargeting to campaigns that the user has access to. Other campaigns will be automatically removed from the lists.

Step 1 - Trigger campaign on external site

  1. Create the trigger campaign; usually a 1×1 campaign with a 1×1 pixel used as creative.
  2. Use priority level “Available impressions”.
  3. Under “More options”, activate “Store for retargeting” and choose time span for the trigger campaign.

  • Do not book it against any content unit.
  • Generate the 3rd party code of the campaign using Image tag, and send this to the site so it gets implemented there.
The trigger campaign code should only be implemented on the specific pages of the external site that are to be retargeted. The implementation of the trigger campaign code has to be done by the external site.

Step 2 - Retargeting campaign

  1. Create the retargeting campaign.
  2. The retargeting campaign is booked like a standard campaign (with content units), and can use any priority level besides House campaign. Please note, that the pacing will most likely work poorly for retargeting campaigns, due to the imprecise forecasting.
  3. The retargeted campaign has two new settings under “Edit targeting” - one list of campaigns from which the user must have seen at least one campaign, before the retargeted campaign is shown, and one list of campaigns that the user must not have seen before the retargeted campaign.
  4. This is where you add the campaign id of the trigger campaign.
  5. The campaigns are listed by their id numbers, separated by commas or newlines.

It is a very good idea to use “Frequency targeting” in combination with retargeting to avoid the same banner being shown all the time to the same user.
Because retargeting is a cookie based function, EmediateAd has a limit on the number of retargeting campaigns. The cookie can at most store 128 retargeting campaigns at one time.
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