How do I setup automatic reports?


In EmediateAd you generally have the possibility to setup two different types of automatic reports:

  • Basic automatic reports
  • Custom automatic reports

The basic automatic report is a basic report you can receive either on a Campaign group or on a single Campaign. This is mainly used for internal use, e.g. on start and end date.

To read more see our section about Basic automatic report.

In the following we will concentrate on explaining how to setup the custom automatic report.

Setting up the custom automatic report

  1. To setup a custom automatic report in EmediateAd, you first and foremost must have made the report with the outputs you want. To read more about how to draw a report please visit our report section or How do I draw a report on a recently ended campaign?.
  2. When you have the outputs you need in your report just press “Automation of this report” to set the rules of this automatic report.
  3. Choose a report time span under “Report time span
  4. Next write a report name
  5. If the report has be send out on specific dates, choose these under “Specific dates
  6. You also have the opportunity to choose an hour of day and day of week to send out the report, from “Periodic reports
  7. Choose wether the report has to be send after a delivering a given number of impressions og click, under “Impression/click limit
  8. Now choose which recipients you want the report to be send to
  9. Finally choose a date where you want this automatic report to be deactivated, and click “Update
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