How do I setup passback/affiliate networks?

This is a quick guide on how to setup passback/affiliate networks (e.g. Specific Media, Adaction etc.) in EmediateAd.


1. Set up a new “site network”, “section” and then create “content units” for each format for the affiliate websites. Please be clear with naming these networks.

2. Generate content unit tags using “Tag destination: 3rd party adserver” – send them to the affiliate network. Please be clear when naming these content units so they are not confused with content units on the site.

Javascript ex.:

<script src="; cre=mu;

3. Book the tags you receive from the affiliate into EmediateAd as a campaign, and place on the content units from which you want the excess traffic to be passed – use the preferred priority level (Fixed weight or available impressions and; use “sub prio no” if needed.)

4. The affiliate network shall redirect unused traffic to the new site network.

5. Book your house campaigns, available impression etc. on the content units for the new affiliate site network.

  • Setting up affiliate networks as explained will result in 2 impressions in EmediateAd, if traffic is sent back.
  • When checking availability and booking your own campaigns do not choose the affiliate site network.
  • Do not book your normal campaigns on the new site network, because it will distort campaign forecast and delivery.
  • Do not implement the content units from the affiliate site networks in your site, they should not be live, use them only to hold the backup campaigns for you affiliates.
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