How to book a Text link campaign

A Text link campaign is basically just a normal Campaign that serves a written text as a Creative.

Booking a Text link campaign is much like booking a regular banner campaign. The only difference is that it requires a special Content unit and the Creative procedure is also slightly different.

To book a Text link campaign, add the campaign as you would do when booking a banner campaign (the Booking Wizard cannot be used for text link campaigns).

Booking the Text link campaign

Almost all settings resemble the settings of a Banner Campaign except from these 3:

1: When booking the campaign, you must firstly choose Text link under Type:

2: After creating the campaign you must decide on the placement. It is necessary to stress that Text link campaigns only can be placed on Text link content units. So make sure that one is available.

3: Uploading the Creative. To upload the Creative click on 'Add Text Add':

Here you must submit the data for the actual advertisement:

  • Linked text: This part of the creative will be clickable and link to the url added below.
  • Other text: This part of the creative will be featured in the advertisement but will not be clickable.
  • Click url: Add the URL the visitor is directed to when clicking on the advertisement.

This will give the following Click text creative:

EmediateAd will automatically insert the clickTAG and cachebuster in the creative

Finish the booking by Approving the Campaign.

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