How do I convert report punctuation in financial figures?


When adding financial figures to a report, the report exports the financial figures in using faulty puncutation. In order to get the correct data in your report, you must go through the following steps

12 steps to solving the punctuation errors

  • Save the financial report as excel
  • Open an empty excel file
  • Under 'Data' choose 'From text' (import)
  • Open the saved financial report (change 'file type' to 'all')
  • Delimited - next
  • Tab - next
  • Highlight the 'financials' column and click on 'advanced'
  • Select 'decimal separator': .(dot)
  • Select 'thousands separator': ,(comma)
  • Click on 'ok'
  • Finish
  • Click on 'ok' to insert

This will convert the punctuation errors and give your reports the correct data.

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