How to set up API Access

Before setting up the API, it is necessary to provide Emediate with information on both which API requests you intend to use, and why you intend to use exactly these.
You should expect to spend at least 1 week to complete the API access process. Below, you will find a guide on how to go through all the necessary steps.

First and foremost this is needed in order for Emediate to confirm whether the API calls has been set up correctly. But if we are provided with detailed information on all aspects of your API request, we are able to guide you to a best practice use of the API functions, and thereby help you to get the most out of your API solution.

Setting up the API is thus split up into 3 parts

1 Documentation of the API usage

It is important that the documentation is very precise as this makes it easier for us to; firstly set up the API but also to guide you to a best practice use of the API process.

The API usage documentation should include:

  1. Description of the API project
    • Describe the concept of your website(s) (Standard publishing site, ad network, ad agency, etc.)
    • State which objectives you expect to achieve through the use of the API
  2. Description of the systems and/or applications that will communicate with the EmediateAd API.
    • A brief description of each system/application that will use the API calls.
    • The technical method used for communicating with the EmediateAd API (e.g. Java or similar)
  3. Description of the EmediateAd API requests
    • A detailed description of each API request, containing the technical description of the request as well as what data you want to access with this request.

Example API usage document

This should be send to the EmediateAd Support

2 Accessing the API test environment

Before any decision is made as to whether you want to use the API model, you can get access to the API test environment.

Access to the EmediateAd API test environment can be granted by contacting the Emediate Support

The access will be granted if the documentation meets the requirements (see previous step).

In the test environment you can test API calls using our API Manual.

3 Setting up and testing the API calls

After sending the API documentation described above, Emediate will review the documentation and see if the API requests are working and also suggests improvements in case the API calls are not being used according to best practice.

This process might take up to two weeks depending on the clarity of the documentation and the need for improvements to the API requests.

When everything is approved, the API will be enabled for the live system.


4 Accessing the live environment

Accessing the live environment is granted after you send in the finalized documentation for your callings.

Simply update the documentation from step 1 and send it to the support department. Tech will then look it through and grant access if it is satisfactory.

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