How do I count clicks in forms?

I have created a form, using the HTML creative. How do I count clicks in it?


For the system to count clicks on links in forms, you must rewrite the click URL. Just before the click URL you must insert “EASForm=”.

Example 1:

<form method=get action="">

must be rewritten to:

<form method=get action="EASForm=">
  • The argument action=“EASForm=http://...” must be in the end of the form-tag.
  • The value of action= must be between quotation marks.
  • The expression EASForm is case sensitive.
  • Method must be GET and not POST.

Example 2:

<form method="GET" action="" target="_blank">

must be rewritten to

<form method="GET" target="_blank" action="EASForm=">
A question mark after the URL might sometimes help solving click counting issues:
<form method="GET" target="_blank" 
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