How do I use special characters in click links?

Question 1

Using ”#” (pound sign, number sign,%23 when URL encoded) in click-through URL’s, causes Internet Explorer and Safari 7, to strip everything after the ”#” character. Why?


The problem is browser specific for Internet Explorer, and occurs when a clickTAG is redirected via an ad server to the landing page. IE then strips the url after the #-sign, causing the destination url to be shorter than expected.

Replace the ”#” character, in the click-through URL, with %2523. This will fix the problem in Internet Explorer and still works in other browsers.

Question 2

Using “|” (pipe) in click links when using image creative template, causes EmediateAd to parse the click url wrong. How is that solved?


Use the HTML creative instead and use <a>, <href> and <img src> as shown below: Make sure the image creative is uploaded as a file, and use _P_ to reference to that image in the HTML creative.

<a target=_blank 
srch&orderby=date,time"><img src="_P_mcc-300x250-72dpi.gif" border="0" 
alt="EmediateAd" width="300" height="250"/></a>

Question 3

A Flash click-through URL containing %-encoded characters works in Firefox but gets un-encoded in Internet Explorer, causing different redirect URLs, only one of which is accepted by the site.

clickTAG= In Firefox this redirects to, which is an accepted URL on the site. In Internet Explorer this redirects toøb, which is not an accepted URL on the site.


You can “double-encode” the %-sign in the clickTAG as %2525. This will make both browsers redirect to the accepted URL on the site.

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