Why is clicks not logged for some content units?

Problem: We have identified a content unit for which Emediate is not logging any traffic while we do generate traffic on this CU. I manually generated some clicks to content unit XXXY but I can't see them from the booking reports.

I generated the traffic using the following URL:



If we can't figure out which campaign or creative belongs to a click, then we won't log the click.

Imagine this case:

<a href="http://test.adserver.com/eas?cu=XXXY&ty=ct">
<img src="http://test.adserver.com/eas?cu=XXXX&cre=img"></a>

When a browser renders this code, we're going to save, internally in the admatcher, the information that “when the user with uid <your user id> last fetched cu XXXX, he got campaign <xx> and creative <yy>”

Then when you click the link, we can lookup this information, send you to the correct landing page and then log the click.

If for some reason we haven't saved the campaign and creative information, we don't log the click, since we don't know if you got the right url.

So if you e.g. just fetch the click URL as above, without having seen the campaign before, then we won't log your click.

(We only do this selective logging if there is more than one campaign booked to the cu - otherwise we of course know which campaign you clicked.)

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