What characters can I use in EmediateAd?

In most cases EmediateAd will allow you to use any type of character. But in some certain features, EmediateAd will in only allow a specific range of characters: These features are:

In these features the valid characters are:


Special characters - everything after z - behave differently depending on the site setup. EmediateAd expects all characters to be latin-1 encoded. If the site instead uses UTF-8, you need to add a special parameter to the ad call:


To make sure that special characters are always sent the way you expect them, the preferred solution is to percent encode them. Again, this can be done both using the latin-1 method, and the UTF-8 method. If UTF-8 is used, the parameter encoding=utf-8 must be added to the ad call.

The characters & and / must always be percent encoded if used inside a category shortname, searchword, keyword or name-value pair.


Character Latin 1 utf-8
å %E5 %C3%A5
ä %E4 %C3%A4
ö %F6 %C3%B6
æ %E6 %C3%A6
ø %F8 %C3%B8
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