What do I do about click bots?

Click bot activity can not be deleted from your report, so it is important that we are notified, and thereby able to block the bots asap.


EmediateAd block all known robots and spiders found in the IAB and ABCE's list -which is an industry standard. See more here: http://www.iab.net/1418/spiders

EmediateAd use the model where each impression is given a unique ID and to register a click, it must be matched against an impression. Unless feature to allow this, the default settin gis that we do not allow more than one click per impression., we also follow up manually and manually block the robots that come to our attention.

If you think your campaign has been under click-bot attack, please forward the following information to the support:

  • Campaign id

Excel Report containing:

  • Campaign summary; Pr day and pr content unit.
  • Geo targeting pr city
  • Frequency
  • Unique Browsers
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