What is an advertiser network?


The advertiser network is the first level in EmediateAds structure of clients (the second being advertisers. The advertiser network basically is your advertiser categorisationsystem. From here you store your customer information and view the customer Campaigns. An advertiser network consists of one or more advertisers.

How you set up your advertiser networks of course depend on your needs. We find that boulding them like this, suits a lot of setups:

  • Direct clients - clients which you sell directly too (and not through e.g. a media agency).
  • Media agencies/sales partners - third party distributors which handle media buying for direct clients.
  • Internal campaigns - all internal advertising.
  • Fallback/third party suppliers - affiliate networks, passback suppliers and so on. E.g. Google Adsense, Tradedoubler, Specific Media etc.
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