What is In-screen Measurements and how does it work?

In-screen measurement allows you to track the number of times and the time your Campaign has been visible in the browser.

This is only available for banner campaigns and is not supported use in iframes. Furthermore, Javascript must be enabled in the browser to support this.

Enable this metric for a specific campaign by expanding the more options menu. Check the “Use in-screen measurements” checkbox.

In-screen measurements are available using JavaScript, Composed JavaScript and Friendly Iframe tags.

Image, flash, serverside template and HTML creatives are supported. If In-screen measurements are enabled, a DIV tag for measuring will be added to the creative when displayed live.

Please note that for HTML creatives, in-screen measurements are not available for external HTML urls (Enter HTML url:)

How it works

To make sure you don't miss any active viewers the first activity is logged in increasing time intervals ; i.e. after 1, 2, 4, 7, 12 and 20 seconds and then every 10 seconds.

The banner is considered to be 'visible' if more than 50% of the banner area can be seen in the browser. The 'visible' time during each page load is reported back to the Emediate servers.

If the visitor does not interact with the browser for 30 seconds, the counting stops and the browser is considered to be 'idle'. This is to prevent measurements where the banner is visible but the user is absent from the computer. The measurements start again once the visitor is back and interacts with the browser. The browser is also considered to be idle when changing tabs or switching to another program.

While EmediateAd tries to measure this as accurately as possible, there may be occasions where the In-Screen Measurement is rounded up or down to the closest logged seconds.

After five minutes, no more data is sent to the server.

The following browsers are supported

  • Chrome
  • IE 7, IE 8, IE 9
  • Firefox 3 and onwards
  • Safari
  • Opera (not on ipad)

This also works in mobile platforms with the browsers above.


When checking the box In-Screen Measurement the report will display:

  • Delivered impressions
  • Delivered Inscreen impressions
  • Inscreen % (Percent of impressions displayed in screen)
  • Clicks
  • Clickrate
  • Duration (total Inscreen time)
  • Average time (total time / #inscreen impressions)


To enable In-Screen Measurement contact the Emediate support

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