Why does EmediateAd ask me to manually insert click counter when I add a 3rd party creative?


Unfortunately EmediateAd cannot always be updated on how all the different tags are constructed and where to insert the click counter and time stamp in a 3rd party code.

The different hosts of tags often tend to make minor adjustments to their tags and even minor changes to these tags can confuse the automatic inserter. But inserting the click counter and time stamp is fairly easy.

If EmediateAd fails to insert the click counter and time stamp automatically, you will receive a message similar to this:

Third party ad server identified as: … Found nothing to replace.

If this message appears, you will need to check the tag and insert the click counter manually. To do this find the identified ad server in Emediates Guidelines for 3rd party codes and follow the instructions on how to manually insert the click counter and cachebuster.

If you stumble on a 3rd party tag that EmediateAd cannot automatically insert the click counter and cachebuster we would appreciate it if you could contact our support department and notify us of the problem and attach a raw copy of the 3rd party tag (i.e. the tag without the click counter and time stamp inserted). That way we can adapt EmediateAd’s automatic insert function so it in the future will include the given 3rd party ad server.

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