Why does EmediateAd report different values than my other counter?


Some discrepancy must always be accepted when you are dealing with third party ad serving. The counting of the impression is always later in the chain for the 3rd party ad server, than it is for EmediateAd (or the opposite if EmediateAd is working as the 3rd party ad server).

Examples of reasons for discrepancies which no ad serving party or site owner can be held responsible for are:

  • Slow connections (EmediateAd counts an impression and the call never reaches the 3rd party system).
  • Browser shut downs.
  • Fast page changes or reloads.
  • Internet related problems, connection problems, packet losses etc.

Problems caused by the elements on the site can be:

  • Slow loading site (other elements on the site where EmediateAd tags are placed which prevents third party ad from loading).
  • Other Campaigns which conflict with the actual campaign and disturbs the requests.

There may be issues of which the third party ad server is held responsible:

  • Advanced ads with advanced functions and scripts which all browsers/users can not load.
  • Server problems at the third party machines with long response times.
  • Server failure at 3rd party.

The more advanced ads we see and the more advanced sites they are running on - the higher is the likely discrepancy. With an unlucky combination of the factors above it is not impossible the discrepancy has its natural causes.

How does EmediateAd count the statistics?

The reports in EmediateAd relies on highly accurate servers which are monitored 24/7.

  • EmediateAd logs an impression immediately after the ad has been sent to the browser
  • True impressions are logged after the ad has been visible in the browser
    • If the ad is a 3rd party campaign, the actual campaign may not be visible yet
  • Clicks are logged after the visitor clicks, and before the target page is visible
    • If the ad is a 3rd party campaign, Emediate may count the click before or after the 3rd party ad server counts (depending on the implementation of the other ad server)

Standard procedure when discrepancy is too high

Always try to find a discrepancy issue as soon as possible during the lifetime of the campaign. It will be a lot easier debugging the problem with the campaign running live and you still have a chance to make everything right, before the campaign has ended.


  1. Check that your campaign booking is correct.
  2. Make sure you are measuring the exact same thing – same campaigns, same placements, same time zones, and same time period.
  3. Collect as much stats as possible: browsers, stats per day, per hour, unique users, etc.
  4. Compare your stats with the other ad server and se if you find any patterns
    • Is there any day where one ad server is not delivering
    • Is the discrepancy higher some hours than others
    • Is the discrepancy higher for any specific browser
  5. If nothing is found, please contact the Emediate Support and provide all necessary information gathered in the process. Please also include a URL or a tag where we can see the campaign running live – this helps a lot.
  6. The Emediate Support Team will get back to you after investigating the issue
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