Why don't my campaigns show on mobile devices?


iPhones and iPads do not allow Flash in their browsers. This means that any Campaign booked with only a Flash creative will not be shown.

You can however take precautionary measures for this problem by uploading a back-up image. This is a small image creative which will only be shown in case the browser does not allow Flash.

We strongly recommend that you always upload a back-up image when creating a Flash creative.

We know that in some cases the customer fails to deliver a back-up creative, which is why you have the possibility of adding a 1×1 image as the back-up, but it is when doing this that you may experience that campaigns are not shown. Because the 1×1 pixel is so small it will appear as if no advertisement is available and to make it even more problematic; when you are exposed to the 1×1 pixel image it will be registered as an impression to the campaign statistics.

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