Can zip code targeting be used instead of regional targeting?

Can I use zip code targeting when targeting “cities” that aren’t defined in region targeting?


E.G. “Bromma”, Sweden. Bromma is not pre defined as a city under Sweden/Stockholm, but I know the zip code range for Bromma: 16700-16880.

An availability check for zip code range 16700-16880 will result in approx 170 000 impressions, but when removing the zip code 16880 from the range, the system will only estimate 10 impressions. So the system has registered all impressions on 16880 and basically none on the other zip codes referring to Bromma.


Zip code targeting can be very inaccurate, depending on geographical location.

Another example is region targeting against Solna, Sweden. An availability check based on geo region targeting shows 250 000 available impressions, while the same using zip code range for Solna indicates only 190 000 available impressions.


Zip code targeting shows a high level of discrepancy in Sweden. We recommend our users to test the accuracy before using it live.

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