User Agents - Testing mobile websites on your computer browser

Knowing how your mobile sites and your mobile Campaigns look across the many different mobile devices available is almost impossible. But with a User Agent add-on, you can “instruct” your computer's browser to showany site (whether mobile or not) as if it was a mobile browser.

Below we will show you how to use different User Agents in the Firefox browser. To use User Agents, start out by downloading the User Agent Switcher add-on to Firefox.

Using mobile user agents

1. Finding the correct User Agent string

A User Agent is a small string of code you plot in your browser settings which tells the browser how it must open websites. Every browser has a unique code of string and if you want to open a website as if you were opening it from a specific mobile browser, you must firstly find the User Agent String.

You can find a list of almost all User Agent Strings here (if your prefered User Agent String cannot be found here try Googling it).

2. Adding User Agents

By default your Firefox browser will choose the Firefox User Agent but you can change the User Agent by clicking on ToolsDefault user agentEdit user agents:

Using the list of User Agent Strings, copy/paste the User Agent String of the prefered mobile browser:

Here the User Agent String of Iphone 3 has been added

3. Using the user agents

Now the User Agent is installed and to use it simply click on ToolsDefault User AgentChoose the wanted User Agent.

If the mobile User Agent string you are seeking is not this list here, it is certainly accessable through google.


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