Layer-popup template

According to “Better Ads Experience Program” starting on February 15, 2018, Google Chrome is blocking ads on websites that do not meet the requirements set by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA). The current list of prohibited ads can be found on the CBA's website (

The Layer-popup is a pop up banner that places itself above the current website. The difference between the Layer-popup and the Overlay template is that the overlay can close itself after a certain amount of seconds.

  • Name of creative: Enter a name for the creative, should you want to choose a specific name. Otherwise the system will select the filename per default as creative name. Creative names can be up to 30 characters.
  • Enter EmediateAd campaign id: To create a layer-popup you have to create a separate campaign; a content campaign, holding only the creative (e.g. a flash-banner). The content campaign should be booked with the corresponding run dates (or a longer period, as the creative will only be shown when called by the launch-campaign), a priority allowing constant access to the creative (e.g. exclusive 100%) and without a Content unit.
Please note that you are only able to see the layer-popup once when the content campaign holding the creative is active.
  • or enter HTML URL: enter the HTML URL here if you are not using another EmediateAd campaign to hold the creative.
  • and click URL: Enter the click URL here (only if you are using an HTML URL instead of an EmediateAd campaign). Click urls must always include http://.
  • and backup gif URL: enter the gif URL here (only if you are using an HTML URL instead of an EmediateAd campaign).
  • Popup width: Enter the width of the creative.
  • Popup height: Enter the height of the creative.
  • Title background color: Enter the title background color.
  • Title text color: Enter the title text color.
  • Title front size: Enter the title front size.
  • ‘Close’ text: Enter the text for closing the creative.
  • Title: Enter the title.

Click on Create creative to complete the task.

Click on View and check that the campaign is linked correctly to the content campaign holding the content creative.

Remember that the content campaign must be active; otherwise you will only see the frame.


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