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According to “Better Ads Experience Program” starting on February 15, 2018, Google Chrome is blocking ads on websites that do not meet the requirements set by the Coalition for Better Ads (CBA). The current list of prohibited ads can be found on the CBA's website (

E.g. at the moment ads with a density higher than 30% is considered intrusive.

The Image creative is a simple creative which contain an image file. This can either be a GIF, JPEG, JPG or PNG.

  • Global creative master: Tick off this box, if you wish to reuse this creative for another campaign. Please note: When you change a global creative master, all creative slaves pointing to this creative are changed as well.
This option is useful if you have a lot of campaigns that should use the same creative, as you only have to create the master creative in one campaign. In the other campaigns, you can just choose the option Add from creative master, in the add creatives screen.
  • Creative name: Enter a name for the creative, if you want to name the creative manually. Otherwise the system will select the filename per default as creative name. Creative names can be up to 30 characters.
  • Click url: This URL specifies the webpage the user will be redirected to when clicking on the creative. Click urls must always include http://.
  • Alt. Text: In case the creative cannot be displayed, you can submit an alternative text to be shown instead of the creative. This field is optional.
  • Uploading the image: There are two ways of uploading the image creative:

Either enter image url: If the url is uploaded on an external website, you must enter file url with http://.

…or upload image file (GIF, PNG and JPEG): Click on Browse and upload the image file.

  • Creative financials: Here you can set different financial values for different creatives. This field is optional. The various financial values will be explained in detail in our Financial figures section.

Click on Commit to finish the booking of the image creative.

Click on View and check the linking of your creative to the landing page. When you click on View, a new window will open containing the image you have just added. Click on the image and you should be forwarded to the page you just added in the Click url field.


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