IP addresses

IP address targeting allows you to target a Campaign against individual IP-addresses or block IP-addresses.

Enter the IP-addresses or blocks you want to target with a comma as separator.


If you want to target an IP-address block, simply enter the first characters you want to target.

192.168 will match any IP-address beginning with 192.168 will match any IP-address beginning with, for example

You can also define IP-address blocks using netmasks in standard CIDR notation. Make sure to use correct CIDR masks. Masks like xx.xxx.xxx.xxx/0 broke the delivery!

Example: will match any IP-address beginning with 192.168

The maximum number of IP addresses you can enter for one campaign is 4000. If you have more than 4000 IP addresses you need to copy the campaign and enter the rest in the copied campaign. Repeat the process if you have more than 8000 IP addresses.
You can direct campaigns against your own IP address, to check the live performance on the website.


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