You can add Exclusivity or Inclusivity to a Campaign group. This functions will regulate whether Campaigns cannot or must be shown simultaneously on a webpage.

If you use either exclusivity or inclusivity, the content unit tags should include a pageviewid parameter, to secure the best performance.

No exclusivity/inclusivity

This is the default option. If you choose No exclusivity/inclusivity EmediateAd will not take notice of whether campaigns can be shown simultaneosly.


The exclusivity function will result in the campaigns in the group should never be shown at the same time. This function is the same as if you would book an Exclusivity group.

For a description of how the exclusivity function works on a technical level and what must be implemented in the content unit tag, read more here. We strongly advice to implement pageviewid when using exclusivity.

Please notice that exclusivity grouping will make it harder for EmediateAd to deliver the campaign as it can only use one content unit no matter how many campaigns are included in the campaign group as it is only allowed to show one creative at a time. Thus exclusivity should only be used when it is necessary to avoid under-delivery. Click here to read more on exclusivity forecast
Please notice that a campaign should only be included in one exclusivity group. If a campaign is part of a regular Campaign group with exclusivity, and an Exclusivity group, the system will only take the Exclusivity group into consideration when delivering the campaign. Also it is not possible for a campagin to be both part of a regular Campaign group with inclusivity and an Exclusivity group.

This only affects the exclusivity function, all other parameters (i.e impression goals, dates, delivery rules, etc) of the regular campaign group will still be valid for the campaign.


Inclusivity means that the campaigns can only be shown together at the same time. If you use inclusivity it is essential that the different Content units are placed on the same webpages. Otherwise the campaigns in the inclusivity group can be delivered separately.


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