Name-value pairs targeting

It is possible to add targeting information in the ad requests, where you can control both the name and the value to be matched. The variable name is preceeded by “EAST” in the url.

Example: The name of the targeting is “artist”, and the value is “Elvis Presley”. 
Request would be:

A campaign targeted against the name-value pair of “artist=Elvis Presley” 
would match this request.

You can use multiple values after one name. The values are then | (pipe) separated.

Example: The name of the targeting is “hobbies”, and the values are “Gardening”, 
“Pony riding” and “Stamp collecting”.
Request would be:

A campaign targeted against any of these hobbies would match this request.

The AND-OR principle

If you target a campaign to multiple name-values, at least one value must match per name (AND between names). If there are multiples values for the same name in the request or the targeting, it is enough of one value in the request matches one value in the targeting (OR within the name).


Request is:

  • A campaign must be targeted against either (hobbies=Gardening OR hobbies=walking), gender=male or both to match.
  • If the campaign is targeted to another hobby or another gender, the campaign will not match (AND between names).
  • If the campaign is targeted to other names, it will not match.

Limitations in url (ad tag)

  • You can have as many different name-value pairs as you like in the request, and you can have as many values you like after each name, as long as the url is not too long.
  • The upper limit on the size of the url is 1800 bytes.
  • All name-value pairs must be written in the same line.

Limitations when booking the targeting

You can have as many different name-value pairs as you like. The same restrictions to length of each name and value applies as for providing the in the url (obviously – or they would never match).

The maximum number of values you can target to one name is limited by the size of the string. For example, if you target “artist=Elvis|Metallica”, the size of value string is 14 bytes. The upper limit is 65000 bytes for the values of each name.

Case insensitivity

All names and values are converted to lower case, both when booking the targeting and when reading the name-values from the url.


Names and values must be url-encoded.

Please note that you can't use the pipe character (|) in either name or value, as that would confuse system.

Tree Structure for Name-Value Pair Targeting

We have added the possibility to create and use a tree structure for the very flexible targeting option Name-Value pair targeting. The old text field option is still available, but complemented with a tree structure option with unlimited hierarchy levels.

The structure is similar to the Category targeting setup and the creation and edit of the Name-Value tree is done under Network Setup.

The top level (Cars and Sports in the example above) will be treated as Name and all short/long combinations as Values. The Sub Groups (Brand and Type) will not be included in the request but merely a way to organize Values.

Example: A request for Volvo above would be EASTcars=volvo and a request for Football would be EASTsports=football.

The tree structure in the targeting section of a campaign looks like this:

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